Lost Confidence. Need Help!

I started this blog to communicate with fellow ACoAs and it has turned into more of a writing blog.  And I am ok with that.  I have enjoyed the many different prompts and what has spilled onto the pages of this blog because of them.  I have enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow bloggers and the support they have given this newbie.  

However, I have few issues going on simultaneously.  Here is a little about each.


What little I have is lost.  Perhaps I left it at CVS.  Perhaps at work.  Maybe even in the plumber’s butt crack.  If I had to guess, it is deep in the bowels of that large crevasse that was working on the sink!  Never to been seen again by the human species.  How do I retrieve it?  It was so small to begin with, a transplant from Who-ville!  At times it grew but mostly it stayed ever so small or shrunk even more! Imagine that, me with confidence in my writing!  So many jokes could be placed here.  Can I get some help from the local police?  Or Seal Team 6?  HELP!


Secondly, everyone says they “like” the things I write.  But my mind questions “Do they really?”   I guess at times I’d like more constructive criticism.  Is that not proper blog etiquette?  Is there something I am missing?  Someday I’d someone to say” I don’t like it cause…..”, well you fill in the blank.  Heck, just fill it in with cause it’s shit!  I can accept that, maybe!  Well, that might make me lose my small amount of confidence (again) in the black crack of doom (see above).  Do people just say they like it to be cordial?  Help me here!  Be for reals!  

Who do I listen to?king

There are so many different items to read about improving your writing out in the world.  Whether is in print or in the vastness of the web.  Who do I believe?  So many varying opinions whether from writers who earned millions to the person who had one poem published in some obscure poetry site.  I wrote a post about Stephen King’s book “On Writing” recently (HERE IT IS), which by the way I thought was well done.  The book was a great read and I did learn some.  Now I have not read much SK but chose him as an example cause I had his book.  So my question, what advice to you adhere to and what books will make a positive difference in your writing?  Or do you just write? Write what comes out of our brain and hope someone out there likes what spills out?

I know my audience is small.  If I don’t enter a prompt very few even read my post.   However, I have enjoyed the two months of writing.  It is nice to finally have someone read some of the thoughts spilling out this confused mind of mine.

Till we meet again.

Good Day.

Mind of Shoo