I AM an Adult Child of an Alcoholic.  In my case, it was my father, whom I dearly loved despite all his shortcomings which were amplified due to his alcoholism.  Now it must be noted that my father was never “officially” diagnosed as an alcoholic nor treated for the disease.  It is only through my research that I have come to the conclusion that he indeed fits that description or the characteristics, though like with most alcoholics he would deny his condition.  Thus, I was and am affected by his alcoholism and I don’t deny this condition.

5 thoughts on “ACoA

  1. I’m an adult child of an alcoholic as well, only I did know early on. I started going to Alateen when I was 13 and continued through there and into Al-Anon for about 10 years. I stopped going to meetings a long time ago, but I constantly need to remind myself that I am still very much affected by my father’s alcoholism.

      • One of the umpteen rehabs my father went to mentioned Alateen to my mom. I had absolutely no interest at first, but I went because she wanted me to go. I now attribute that group and the friends I made there with quite literally saving my life.

        It’s amazing how that all stays with us, no matter how old we get. Do you go to any meetings now? I keep saying I should go back, but I also keep making excuses. . . . I never quite made the adjustment from Alateen to Al-Anon and I’ve never tried an ACOA meeting.

      • I went to one ACoA meeting a few years back and didn’t care for it. I currently go to an individual therapist which has been beneficial. She got me to open up and write.

      • Writing has always been the best therapy for me . . . for this and everything else. It’s wonderful that your therapist has helped you with that. I sometimes have the most profound realizations through my writing . . . things I didn’t understand until the words stared back at me from the page.

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