Daily Prompt; Choose Your Adventure; Yellowstone

This was written for Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure:

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

I stand just above Upper Falls on the Yellowstone River.  So beautiful, so majestic.  I have been working in the park for a little over a month.  My journey to Yellowstone National Park has  been a tumultuous one.  War.  Alcohol.  Drugs. Loneliness.  I look out into the vastness of beauty before me then take a deep breath.  No one is around.  I spread my arms out as if I can fly……(fill in the rest)

Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure.

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Choose Your Adventure; Yellowstone

  1. The mist rising from the falls buoys my soul, fills me with a sense of weightlessness. All my past wrongs are forgiven. I float. When I touch earth again, I take the first few steps of my new life as an infant, stumbling, faltering, but learning to balance as I go.

  2. …with my eyes closed I can feel the gentle breeze, loaded with the spray from the falls below. An eagle cries as it swoops overhead, completing the scene. Why did I wait so long for this opportunity? If only I had taken the time before now to experience this thrilling experience.

  3. my heart feeling free as the birds circling the falls. I wrap my outspread arms around my body and give myself a bear hug. A few years ago, I never could I have imagined I’d be in a place of such beauty and wonder. I think of the path I have traveled to make it to this one perfect place, and I know I am blessed. I send a quiet thank you to the sky above me and smile because I know I am home.

  4. I spread my arms out as if I can fly,the wind throws me back a step or two. I can feel the roar of the falls in my bones.The misty water rising up and drenching everything in sight.I wonder what it would feel like to dive into the falls.Would it hurt, would I resurface.Does it really even matter? I knew I had a chance now to take.A risk — which was worth it. I look below and see the water angry and joyous all the same.I take a step ahead and leap.There’s a rainbow there, just few feet ahead,wonder if I could touch it.That would be nice.

    And I steer my parachute to the promised land.It was now or never.

  5. and let the wind rushing off the falls tingle agaisnt all my exposed flesh. For the first time I truly see, feel, and hear the power of nature and I am at peace. None of the concerns of my past mean anything in the grand scheme of things – I let all my worries pour out of me and fall with the rushing water down the falls.

  6. As I leaned forward to jump off the precipice, I heard a voice, and then a strong arm grabbed me. “WTF J!! you will not kill yourself on my watch.” It was Park Ranger Smith

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