Yearning for Peace

I’m on an endless search for peace of mind.  I struggle daily to find self-worth.  I find solace in pain. I yearn to be heard through words and with paint on canvas.

This was written for Trifextra: Week fifty-seven

This weekends challenge is also community-judged.

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For the weekend challenge we’re asking for exactly thirty-three words written in first person narrative. Have fun with it and we’ll meet you back here on 3/3!

My Ode to Van Gogh

artwork by Joseph Lorusso

I know this is not Van Gogh, but as I started writing his work came to mind.

This was written for THE MAG #155

Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration. Feel free to take the image to use for your post.

Paint the world with all its vibrant colors

So it can be seen as it truly is.

As expression of beauty and love

shown so vividly in your painting.

Help us feel the emotion

your subjects are feeling.

Do it with the stroke of your brush,

dabbed in oil and placed so elegantly.

Show us our world through your eyes

and expressed through your work.

For you, the artist, see it in a peculiar way.

You see our world differently yet so real.

You paint the brightness in the dark

and the dark in the light.

You paint the simple in the complex

and the complex ever so simple.


For you are an artist.


With your mind and your brrush.


With a world who shunned you.

You are not crazy.

It is those who labeled you 

that clearly were.

You, Vincent are beautiful.

Magpie Tales

Your Oz

This was written for the Daily Prompt, Dearly Departed.

Write your own eulogy.


Oh dear Ron.  What do we say about the enigma that is you.

You were born premature leading your mom to say you could fit inside a shoe box.  The foundation of your life was not set properly,  yet you managed to build yourself into the man you are.

You personality was colorful like the Van Gogh’s you admired.  Yet inside you were painted black.  

You were caring about everyone except the one that was just as important.  You.  

You lived in a fantasy land.  Following an endless yellow brick road alone though you passed many along the way.  

You had potential yet you underachieved.  You tried but never prospered.  Yet you brought out the actor in you and said on to the next one.  

You never felt loved.  You searched throughout time and space but could never grab it from the many who gave.  Yet you gave like an overflowing river.

You sang us beautiful songs and imparted words of wisdom to many but never listened to yourself.

You never let anyone in though many were knocking.

Your mind was filled with stories yet they never escaped your fingertips.

You were a wonderful actor.  You acted happy your entire life yet you never were.

You worked to escape your past but it held you in its vise grip, never letting go.

You can stop giving.  You have been taken away from us.

Now you have reached your OZ.  May it be as beautiful as you imagined.

Say Hi to Vincent.

Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed.