Daily Prompt; Writing Room in a Caboose

This one is easy as I have written about it before HERE.  I’d love to have a caboose in my back yard as a study/studio to work on writing and painting.  I would redo the exterior as authentic as possible.  As for the inside, in the writing area I’d like to have a nice simple glass or plexiglass desk and a small closet to house writing supplies.  I would want a comfortable desk on wheels.  I’d have a nice stereo with Bose speakers to listen to music when I deem necessary.  I’d have bright colored walls with hardwood flooring.  The lights would be a curvy track lighting system across the ceiling.  I’d also have an odd-shaped lamp on the desk.  I’d have lots of different shaped angles in the room. The walls would have lots of different art and or sculptures. Of course it would include a computer.  I’d keep a refrigerator in the studio area for snacks and drinks.  I would have the caboose set kinda far from the house so I would not be bothered when I am there.  I think it would be wonderful to sit in there an relax, wondering where this caboose has been during its working days.  To think of the people who set foot in the caboose and wonder about what their life traveling was like.  

I believe it would make a wonderful work area.  Like I said in my first post about my work space, if you are driving the country side in rural America and see a caboose in someone’s back yard, it may be me working on my next movie script or novel.  Or just me blogging.

Till we meet again.  Good Day.

Mind of Shoo

This was written for the Daily Prompt; Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Daily Prompt: Writing Room

Why is there a caboose in your yard?

I am a dreamer.  Always have been.  The amount I dream is probably unhealthy.  There have been many incarnations of me in my lifetime.  The one I dream of the most is to write stories.  To be a storyteller.  It is the one that I have the least training or talent for but I dream it nonetheless.  I always think of the end result before I finish the product.  Case in point.  I have written my Oscar acceptance speech even thought I have only written 84 pages of a script that will gather dust in a closet.  Unfinished I am sure.  But let me get to my point.  If I am going to dream, allow me to dream this.  I want a place to work on my craft.  To write in peace away from the world.  And that place is in a caboose.  In my backyard.   I want a caboose in my backyard that will be my study.  Not a man cave.  A sanctuary for my creative self.  Part study, part studio for my other dream I have no talent for, painting. 

So if you ever drive the countryside and see a caboose in someone’s backyard, it may be mine.  Perhaps with an Oscar on a shelf inside and a closet full of stories untold. 

Till we meet again.  Good day.

Mind of Shoo