Man or Monster

Her father laughed uncontrollably as he sipped his beer then gently placed the can on the arm of the chair. Jeanie didn’t dare look up at him from her spot under the cushions. With her eyes closed she prayed while pondering the laugh. Was it a laugh of anger coming from him? Or simply a playful laugh of a loving father?  
Jekyl and Hyde was the daily game she played her father.

He grabbed the beer can and chugged what was left then tossed it aside. She now understood the inevitable. Slowly she peered from behind the cushion and glanced up at the monster above.  

Today was not her day.

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Mind of Shoo


copyright-Rich Voza

The morning sun rises as I board my flight.  Most trips take a few hours.  My trip has taken 27 years.  The excitement has my mind spinning, unable to gather a thought.  My flight will take me across our great nation.  From the desert southwest to the beautiful eastern hill country.  An hour drive from the airport through beautiful green countryside is nearly missed from my view.  My mind only sees one thing. A picture of you dressed in blue.  I turn into the parking lot, seconds away from meeting.  My heart races.  I exit the car and we hug.  Finally I have a home. 

This was written for FRIDAY FICTIONEERS


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