Best Friends

Eventually Avery understood why he never invited to play at the home of his friend Johnny.  It was a simple reason that has been a part out the deep south since men first settled there.  For Avery, not allowing his best friend to know that he knew the reason was the color of his skin was tougher on him than the reality of not being allowed there in the first place.

This fiction was written for Trifextra: Week Seventy-one.

On to the prompt.  This weekend we’re revisiting an early Trifextra, our second ever.  The challenge is to write a complete story in only three sentences.

9 thoughts on “Best Friends

  1. Stupid, backwards, narrow-minded people ):< The kids should find a private place to play and ignore their ignorant elders!

  2. Sad that racism continues – but I sense it always will. We are so busy looking for differences in race, religion, class, caste (the list is endless) we fail to see the similarities of the one human species.
    Anna :o]

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