Please Answer

Copyright - Danny Bowman

He stared at the pay phone.  A relic from a time long ago. Now silent.  A reminder of a call from a stranger.  A female voice.  Still as clear as the day he lifted the receiver from the pay phone and listened to her words. The voice hauntingly peaceful yet filled with trepidation.  A one sided conversation about an unimportant life mixed with a tearful apology.  

Why did he answer?  Was it authentic? He searched the papers the day after.  Nothing.  

Sleepless nights followed. More self abuse. A new path of destruction. Now he lifts the phone.  Will anyone answer?

This fiction was written for Friday Fictioneers.

Visit and read the rules and join in the fun!

Till we meet again.  Good day.

Mind of Shoo

44 thoughts on “Please Answer

  1. “why did he answer” …that’s a question we constantly ask ourselves as the looping reel of the conversation fiddles with our brains isn’t it?

    this was haunting.

  2. Good piece of writing. Makes each reader put themselves in it. We all have some questions in our lives to be answered, or not.

    • Excellent statement. I wanted to write something open so that the reader can take it to where they would want the story to go. Hard to do with the word limitation but that was the goal. I took it a certain place…I am sure different from most. TY for your keen observation.

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