Let Blood Pour


I thought I would love.

At least once in my lifetime

with every ounce of my heart.

But it’s sealed within an iron wall

impenetrable to every emotion.

A wall built over time 

with the craftmanship of a skilled welder 

following the blueprint of a scarred soul.

Not a madman steered by ills

but a kind, gentle man protecting.

Protecting what… he never knows.

I yearn to love.

To torch an opening so blood can pour

and feel the emotion built up within me

all these years.

I thought I would love.

But I only protect.

My selfish self.


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4 thoughts on “Let Blood Pour

  1. Very powerful, and so hard to break down that wall. I came to visit from The Mag and could not resist the arrow to let blood pour. A Reiki initiation might help 🙂

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