I Am

There are many others like me.

In different shapes and views.

All with a common goal.

To make our country a better place.

I am:

A teacher

A learner

A provider

A protector


A builder

A mender

A reader

A writer

A singer

A counselor

A comic

A Dreamer

A disciplinarian

A friend

An enemy

My job is complex

with inherent risks and dangers.

Yet I thrive

’cause I love and nurture,

as only I can.

I am the backbone of America.

An unknown hero.

I am humble

I sacrifice.

My reward not measured in dollars

but in love.

I am simple but complicated.

As only I can be.

I give all as many have before me.

For country

For family.

For self.

For I am

A Parent.

This was written for Yeah Write #100

Moonshine Grid



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