Soaked in despair and desperation

that rainy spring evening.

Your dress clinging to your body

like hope did to your heart.

Ignoring the lightning

that turned night into day

for minute amounts of time.

Freezing the view before you

like a camera capturing a picture.

You sit next to him.

Your body exhausted.

Your mind twisting

between anguish and anger.

He laid before you


Never to sit in your lap again.

Never to welcome you home.

Tail wagging with endless love and enthusiasm.

As only he could.


My dear Flip.


This was written for The Mag #158


27 thoughts on “Flip

  1. I was surprised, as well, that it was about a pet, but as an animal lover with a house full of 4-legged kids (though no dogs), I understand that pain.

    This was beautifully done. And I particularly love these lines – “Your dress clinging to your body/like hope did to your heart.”

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