Sounds Within Silence

The projectiles scream in flight,
ripping flesh howls in pain.
The grunting floor absorbs the fallen.
Silence yells as life ceases.
Blood spitting onto white carpet.
Four walls cry at the view below.

This was difficult for me.  Not sure if I got the essance of personifaction.

This was written for Trifextra: Week Fifty-two

We want you to give us a 33-word example of personification.  Wait.  What?  You forget what that is?  It’s the practice of attaching human traits and characteristics with inanimate objects, pheomena and animals. (

38 thoughts on “Sounds Within Silence

  1. I think this is phenomenal-personification in each line bringing to mind the horrific scene vividly!The photo complements the poem beautifully,Mind of Shoo:-)

  2. Looks like personification to me! Great job 😀

    You know…I saw the title of the blog, ‘Adult child of alcoholic parent’ and realized this personification (with the wine) may go even deeper in metaphor…

  3. Nice job taking a traumatic scene and flipping the point of view to the objects in the room. In an odd way if gave me something to think about, or maybe that’s the philosophical side of me. lol.

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