Finding A Soul

There are moments in time where we meet someone who really affects our life.  That person to me was Gina, an employee I met three years ago in Yellowstone.  She sat next to me at breakfast in the employee dining room and said in a low voice “I see the scars on your arm.  I have scars too, expect mine are hidden inside.”

I stared at Gina speechless.  She was a beautiful southern belle with a lovely South Carolina accent.  Finally I muttered “nice to meet you, I am Brad.”

“I am sorry I was blunt, but I bet we have lots in common.  Our past.  Alcoholism.  Abuse.  Abandonment.  Sounds familiar?” she asked.

“Yes” I replied.  I was numb.

“I understand.  I am here in Yellowstone to heal emotionally and spiritually.  Therapy didn’t help.  So I turned to nature.  Nature will heal me,”  she said staring blankly ahead.  Then she looked at me and smiled.

I finally cleared my throat enough to say “I am here for the same.” 

“Great!   I am here to start a journey.  My last journey.  I am dying Brad.  My body will break down but my spirit will grow.  This I know.  I am here to live, not to die.”

What do I say?   Why did she chose me?  Do I make a friend when I know she will die?

“Brad,  when I saw your scars I immediately knew why I came here.  To find a soul that would understand me.   Are you that soul Brad?”

“Yes I will be that soul. But I am scared.”

“No Brad, don’t be scared.  Be strong.  Your scars tell me your are strong.  You survived.”

She was right.  That was the perfect word for my life.

We indeed had a journey together. It brought us across the US.  Hiking around Europe.  To India. And today we return to Yellowstone.  With her ashes per her request.   My  old scars have healed but a new one is open.  Can I survive now?

This was written for the Trifecta Week Fifty-six using the third definetion of the word:


1a : to make sound or whole <heal a wound>
b : to restore to health
2a : to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome: mend <the troubles … had not been forgotten, but they had been healed — William Power>
b : to patch up (a breach or division) <heal a breach between friends>
3: to restore to original purity or integrity <healed of sin>



17 thoughts on “Finding A Soul

    • Thanks for taking time to read my story. When I orginally wrote the store it was way over the 333 word limit. This is a skeleton of the story. It was harder to cut down to 333 than to write it.

  1. Anne Frank wrote that nature healed her even though she was trapped inside unable to enjoy it. I imagine her being of such character that her first thoughts upon being arrested were of how wonderful it was to smell the outside air.

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