Shall we stop this bleeding

Senseless.  Through the sadness this is the only word I find to describe yesterday.  We live in a time when money and power are more important that human life.  And that is human life of the average man, not the wealthy and powerful.  We can find ways to fix our nation.  We can find ways to protect our children.  But we continue to let matters of the powerful keep us from fixing our nations ills.  We know the answers but our division blocks us.   Why are we a nation of red and blue instead of red, white and blue?  Why are our elected officials “representatives” of a party instead of the people?  Are we one nation? As the father of a 4th grader I look around and say we are not.  We are a nation divided at the highest level.  We have the knowledge, the intelligence, and the resources to fix it.  But money and power block it.  Just as it did years ago when our country we divided by civil war.  Most who lost their lives were common citizens.  Just as yesterday.  Americans can find the answers.  But those in power chose not to seek it.  Isn’t it worth one human life?  Shall we stop this bleeding.


3 thoughts on “Shall we stop this bleeding

  1. We’ve justified the loss of life in our revolution and in our civil war as the price necessary for our freedom; our wars abroad for the freedom of others. Neither agreeing nor disagreeing, I see how it complicates the decisions at the top. You know, people are going to do senseless things, and so ultimately, I think you said it all with your first word.

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