The Apology

These words were written for Trifecta Week Fifty-Five.  The Trifecta challenge this week is ANTICIPATION.

The Apology

My eyes open to a magnificent light with muffled voices in the background. The voices I hear are my family.

“In death one begins a new life,” a familiar voice says to me.


I see faces clearly in front of me, with the afore-mentioned light in the background.  They are faces of family and friends.  But I am motionless.  “Am dreaming?” I say to myself.  “What is this?  What’s happening to me?”

“Daddy, I am sorry for all the times I upset you” I hear my daughter say.  Now there she is, right in front of me in all her beauty, the light shining brightly behind her.  However, her face is filled with anguish and tears.  I see the pain and feel the pain but I cannot respond.  “I love you daddy…forever and ever.”

My wife reaches over and kisses me on the cheek and I feel her loving hand on mine.  Through her quivering lips she says “thanks for a great life.  You were the best partner and friend I could have asked for.   I love you.”

I have died.  My anticipation of this moment did not prepare me for the reality of this moment.

“You are gone son. Gone from the earth, from your family” I hear.  It is my father’s voice. I feel anger build up in me as it did many times before. 

A line of family and friends continue to move past me one by one.  I know each of them.  The last person I see is a unfamiliar face.  I hear crying as he reaches for something above me.  I see him pull it downward till it makes a thumping sound.  Then that bright light now turns to darkness.

Suddenly, my father appears before me as a faint light shines over us.  He is exactly as I remember him the day he died 30 years earlier. The moment is surreal.

“I am here to say I am sorry son” he says to me.  “Sorry for all the hurt and pain I caused you and your mother.  I was wrong.  I love you.”

Then he turns and walks away.   “I forgive you daddy, ” I say.  He slowly fades into the darkness. 

Then the light shines brightly again and I feel peace. 

The End

Till we meet again.  Good day.

Mind of Shoo


14 thoughts on “The Apology

  1. The idea of the spirit still being around when the coffin closes is a bit disturbing (my anticipation of how death would be is different!) I am glad it ended with him finding peace with his father.

  2. OMFG! Bam! You are born! I love you! I’m stopping here on my after midnight rule. This is… you are… awesome! AWESOME! Officially a link on my page!

    “I forgive you daddy!” –years to write what that means.

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