Words on a paper.

I have always wanted to be a writer in some shape or form.  There are so many words in my mind just dying to reach the tip of a pen onto paper.  I have NO professional training whatsoever.  I only started writing recently after being laid off my job.  It was a shocking event in my life.  After a few days,  those words just started to flow out my mind as if a dam had just broken.  I don’t have any classification for these words as they appear on a paper except just that, words on a paper.  It is a phrase I heard Rick Rubin, producer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (and many others), use when he described how their song “Under the Bridge” was born.  He was thumbing through Anthony Kiedis’ notebook when he came across the lyrics, which Rubin described as not yet a song but just words on a paper. 

I am about to put some of these words out for public consumption.  Am I nervous? You bet!  I am uncomfortable with it? Very uncomfortable to be honest.  However,  I feel it’s a good time and venue to begin.  A little background on these particular words on a paper, which are about to become words on your computer screen.  They came to me when I saw a beautiful picture of a tree standing alone on a mountainside.  I once heard Tommy Shaw of Styx fame talk about his song “Crystal Ball”.  He described how it came to him (at age 17 no less) in a “whoosh” and he had to frantically write it down on paper.  That is how I can describe how these words came to me as I saw this image (not the one pictured above). 

So here are my “words on a paper”.

There he sits high on a hill
All alone and majestic.
He’s bare and yet so beautiful
So picturesque against the clear spring sky
bu with green below. 

There he sits high on a hill
All alone and majestic.
His roots are deep
as he reaches for the sky.
Waiting for his leaf buds to grown.
A cycle that come yearly
that began with a seed so long ago.

There he sits high on a hill
All alone and majestic.
Sit there with me, holding my hand.
So that the seed of our friendship can be planted.
Let our roots grow deep
So our friend is as beautiful as the tree.

Till we meet again.  Good day.

Mind of Shoo


7 thoughts on “Words on a paper.

  1. These afe lovely “words on a paper” !

    I truly feel for you. I am so grateful I reached a rock bottom and was able to turn my life around. My family stuck by me and we are now closer than ever. My desire to write came from my MS diagnosis. And I too, see my writing simply as “words on a paper” , but those words help me to del with all my rmotions.

    I am now following you blog, it looks very interesting.


  2. I skipped this far before another title caught me. “I have always wanted to be a writer” Hahaha… check the beginning of aWebster’s Kiss!

    “Being laid off my job…” I read Craig already. 😉

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