Facebook is Like High School

Why Facebook is Like High School?

Ok a little background first. I am from a small town in south Louisiana with a population of about 6000. There were only two high schools, the public school and a small all girls catholic high school. In a town of this size, everyone knew everyone. With that said, it is now that I say I was not one of the popular kids in school. And I wasn’t one of the tortured unpopular kids either. I was kind of the faceless kid who hung around with some of the popular kids. I am not sure how I ended up with the popular kids, but there I was. Those friendships were meaningful, deep and at the time I treasured them dearly. Some I do. But those friendships also amplified my insecurity. And that was hard.

So here it is, 25 plus years later and I joined facebook. I joined with the intention of allowing my family that is still in Louisiana to follow my kids growing up many miles away. What I quickly found was a large number of people I went to high school or knew from being from a small town are on facebook as well. Through facebook, I quickly understood some things are still the same. Cheri and Lori are still beautiful! Dain is still funny. Troy is the still immature as he was in high school. On top of that, he is a school principal! Go figure. He even said to me, can you believe I am a principal! There were a few surprises like Jon, a class valedictorian a couple of classes before me, bought a sailboat and is sailing the waters of the Caribbean and Atlantic. I never imagined him doing something like that! But its cool. I thought in a general sense, it was status quo all these years later! Wow! Times don’t really change!

At first it was cool cause I was able to see so many people I hadn’t seen in years. Where they lived, were they married, see their kids, their successes and their failures. I was happy to get friend request from many who I hadn’t heard from since we received our diplomas. Some request were expected cause I considered them close friends back them. Some request were from people who literally didn’t say more than 10 words to me back in the day. I suppose I was just a number, another reason for them to say they had over 500 friends. Me. Are you are sending me a friend request? Why? You called me pimple face in 8th grade and you sent me a friend request? I think NOT! This is my revenge against you! I will not be your 500th friend. You will have to say you have 499! Take that. And I didn’t get some request from a few I thought I would. How depressing. Its is like I am in high school again. It shouldn’t matter now I told myself! I am a grown man, not an insecure ugly kid I was then. I am a grown man, great father and non drinker! But insecurity raises its ugly head and on some days its tough. Especially considering my battle with depression I wage to this day. How odd.

I move forward. I still enjoy facebook. Seeing everyone’s activities they chose to share with the facebook world. Some respond to my few post, most don’t. Some post often, some rarely. Most days it makes me smile. Some days its just depressing. I suppose that’s normal, I don’t know. Perhaps I should bring this up to my therapist. I just thought I would throw it out there into the blogging world! I feel more secure there!

Till we meet again.  Good Day.

Mind of Shoo


2 thoughts on “Facebook is Like High School

  1. I probably fit right here you are in school, in the middle, not unpopular or picked on, and popular enough. Facebook is often like high school all over again. I’ve been gone from the town where I grew up since I was 22 and never went back, except virtually. 🙂

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